16 February 2010 @ 10:58 am
I only get about one of these every two years, so I'm celebrating by working super-hard on the bookish relaunch. :) Here's a sneak peak of what it'll look like:

I'm kind of indifferent about it - I get so excited working on a project, and then by the time it's ready to go live, I'm all like, bleh. Maybe I should put less time into my designs? I don't know. :P 

I also have an idea for a new project - a kind of collaborative blog thing, where we would highlight design of all types, photos, fashion, recipes, etc. Anything that catches your eye. If you're interested in getting involved, let me know. It's just a teensy inkling of an idea right now, but hopefully it'll grow into something else. 

Later in the month, I'm going to relaunch my portfolio and see if I can get a few clients. :) I'm such a busy, busy bee.
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